Ekaterina (Russia)

“David has very special energy and really magic hands from God, that feel every part of the body. This is the best massage I ever had and I had lots of them all over the world! One of my shoulders is higher than other and just after one massage session it became much lower! None of the massage therapists ever managed to do even something close it! This was one of the best experiences when you really understand what a proper massage and bodywork means! Now I need to make sure my husband goes for a massage session with David as he has really bad back pains.”


Corinne (Minneapolis, MN)

“David is committed to a life of health and well-being, driven by a deep rooted desire to bring healing and wellness to everyone in his life. He has the talent, passion and love for what he does. David has fully and admirably immersed himself in the world of Yoga, Bodywork and Wellness and is an effective healer. His energy and joy are contagious – look no further for a therapist who will have you feeling better in no time!”


Ross (Los Angeles)

“That was awesome, thank you so much. I’m very impressed. Especially when you did the energy "pain drain" technique, that felt both spiritual, and powerful to me ... I was quivering, I almost started crying, my eyes welled up. It was very interesting, very cool.”


Priya (Los Angeles)

“My spine feels weightless. I feel it extending all the way from the earth up to the sky, really effortlessly and with a lot of energy flowing through it, connecting me from below to above. I feel grounded and weightless at the same time. I can feel the top of my head open and the bottom of my spine rooted, and the whole in-between feels expanded. Feels like being a baby, what I imagine it feels like to be a baby and have perfect posture without effort."


Allegra (Los angeles)

“I feel relaxed, and present in my feeling. I'm feeling receptive to the flow of life, not needing to seek out and get stuff. I realize that there's enough love for all of us. Thank you for creating such a safe space .”


Sima (Los angeles)

"I feel light, and not just weight-wise. Like, it's in me. Light is in me. I feel spread apart. I keep thinking about my toes, and opening them, and exploring the space between them. I feel a lot of space in my body right now, figuratively and literally. I feel both spacial and mushy. Thank you!

Allistair (UK)

“My recent experience of David’s skills as a bodyworker are as interesting as much as they were profound. A recent injury to my neck … Calcification of the vertebrae and scoliosis to the spine left me despondent and in constant pain and with more or less constant headaches. I did not want a deep and invasive experience for fear of exacerbating an already uncomfortable situation so it was with some trepidation that we began … I need not have worried.

Using his skills and intuition he released much emotional stress and stored up negativity … For me that area of “storage” was in the legs and hips and he spent much time working those areas. The immediate results came in soft tears as each knot was smoothed out and the energy flow revived. That was the profound bit.

Using my breath was part of the process and we ended up breathing in unison for much of the time. An amazing and intimate experience with someone I barely knew. My neck is now freed up and the pain and discomfort greatly reduced and no headaches. It was an extraordinary experience and I cannot thank him enough. My only regret is that we do not live closer.”


Jessica (Los Angeles, CA)

“I really enjoyed the session, and I really can see the value of doing a longer session and going deeper too. I get that it’s different from other bodywork where it just feels good… going here and there. I got there’s really a system and an intelligence, a protocol paired with your awareness and skill level. I felt very taken care of, making sure I had the bolsters under my legs and feet, checking in about how to communicate. My body is like, 'Ah, yes!' It feels like it unlocked and aligned more energy.”


Teg Gian (place)

“I feel wise. I feel extended. It's hard for me to open my heart to receive that much attention, especially in a healing way...but now I am the most grateful. I'm feeling really rooted down in my feet, but feel like I'm growing taller by the minute. Like capturing that formlessness of it all... yeah.”


Jai (Los Angeles)

“I feel like there were blocks in my body that I didn't even know existed that were completed moved through with your touch and with breath. I just went on a full mind-body-spirit journey. A lot of subconscious holding patterns were brought to the surface and you helped me learn a lot more about myself through this process. Thank you so much."


Rami (Los Angeles)

“I feel very very relaxed. Centered. Dropped in. Much better than when I arrived... much much better. I'm just really glad we did this, and I feel I need to do it again. It's not even a want, I feel that I have to do it again."